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Pride is a touching and super cheerful British film, based on an incredible true story that few are aware. With a wide range of characters that entertains from start to finish, counting a piece of history in the UK as it passes an important message of solidarity, friendship and fighting prejudice.

A group of gays and lesbians decides to start a solidarity campaign to raise money to help families affected by the "Miners' Strike" that began in 1984 due to disagreements with the government of Margaret Thatcher, with the consequence of reacing the Coal Industry. Later titled as the activist group "Gays and Lesbians Support The Miners" they attempt to unite with the "National Union of Miners" but they refuse because they don't wanna be associated with the Gay community for fear of further reprisals by the government and eyes of the people. Determined to continue with the idea, they contact a small village of miners in Wales that accepts immediate help and form a strong and unlikely alliance between the two communities.

The atmosphere takes us back to the 80's through the scenarios, the costumes and the music. Humor is always used wisely and the power of the message is very important. Both communities lived hard times and joined forces to try to overcome the bad things. The film is absolutely political and demonstrates all the prejudice against the gay community during that time also addressing the plague of the HIV virus which appeared in force in the 80's. Is full of good humor, but always creates a great impact on the viewer.

The film show the talents of several British actors involved, from veterans like Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton, well-known names as Paddy Considine, Andrew Scott and Dominic West and relative new faces like Ben Schnetzer, George MacKay and Faye Marsay that had performances up with the height of all the experienced cast. A meeting of top talent in just one film!

Pride is a touching film with a strong message that shows how prejudice does not go anywhere and all the people united can achieve something, and we all have the same rights, no matter the sexual orientation.

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