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If you haven't seen the original 2009 comedy horror Zombieland, then boy are you missing out - in fact I've yet to come across a single person who claims to have hated, or even not particularly enjoyed the flick! Hence why I'm writing this article.....because WHAT'S HAPPENING ABOUT ZOMBIELAND 2?

"The first girl I let into my life, and she tries to eat me"

As far as I'm concerned, Zombieland is a must see for....well, just about everyone. It's got an all star cast, not to mention a great balance of humor, gore, action, and funny one liners to please even the toughest movie critics.

So what I'm wondering is - why has this highly successful film not had any sequels yet? Well, I only just discovered that in 2013 there was a TV series made featuring 'Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock and Columbus' all played by different actors, and shall we say that the series.....wasn't so successful.

So my question is, why make a TV series instead of another sequel? The same thing is due to happen to the 'Scream' franchise - which has actually been bombarded with comments of disbelief after they announced that the iconic character 'Ghostface' would NOT be making an appearance! But anyway, back to business...

The film ended with the world still well and truly overrun with zombies, so there are endless possibilities as to where the four characters could find themselves in a sequel. What I love so much about this film is that it's more a black comedy than anything (which happens to be my favorite genre), and the jokes never seemed like they were being forced into the conversations.

So anyway, time for a poll! Would YOU like to see a 'Zombieland 2', or is Zombieland better off as a standalone film?


Would you like to see a 'Zombieland 2?'


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