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Last week, it was reported that the full trailer to The Hobbit 3: The Battle of Five Armies would be released on November 6th. Sure enough, it seems the reports of the preview's release were true. Thanks to, the fan site confirms that tomorrow will reveal the full preview to last chapter in The Hobbit Trilogy. If you are wondering when you can see this new trailer, Deadline has you covered as the site reported what time the preview will be released.

The worldwide timetable for the online release of the main trailer, starting from 6th November:

- 10 a.m. PT – Los Angeles
- 12 p.m. CST – Chicago, México
- 1 p.m. EST – New York
- 3 p.m. BZT – Brasíl
- 6 p.m. UTC – London
- 7 p.m. CET – Rome, Berlin, Paris, Madrid
- 9 p.m. MSK – Моscow
7th November
- 2 a.m. AWST - Beijing
- 4 a.m. AEST – Sydney
- 6 a.m. NZT – Wellington

Hobbit fans can rest at ease knowing that the full trailer to this finale is on the way. Then again, perhaps less 24 hours is too long of a wait. I know it is for me, but If you can muster enough patience, then you can only imagine what will be showcased in tomorrow's trailer.

If you are looking for new content at this very second, Warner Bros can oblige your needs. Along with the trailer's announcement, the studio has also revealed four new images for the upcoming film. It's not much, but if you want something new to see, then take a look at these images.

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
Galadriel revives the injured Gandalf
Galadriel revives the injured Gandalf
Laketown is on fire!
Laketown is on fire!
Look, a Troll!
Look, a Troll!

These picture say very little ( well aside from the third pic), but they manage to say enough. Various suggestions have pointed out that these new pics could be from the upcoming trailer. Given that the preview hits the web tomorrow, that speculation is highly possible. However, whether you care about the images or the trailer, it safe to say that fans to the Middle Earth Saga should be more then excited for the final chapter in The Hobbit Trilogy. Oh and there are new banners online which you can see here.

The Hobbit 3: The Battle of Five Armies hits theaters on December 17th.


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