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I don't watch too much regular scheduled television as I'm find myself with so much to do in the week but some shows do get my attention and I have to sit down and watch them. Shows like The Apprentice, Melissa and Joey and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which is heading into it's third episode this week here in the U.K. but the show which I'm really loving is FOX's Gotham. I was highly anticipating this prequel series ever since the trailers hit Channel 5 a few months ago and since it began I've found myself glued to the telly every Monday night.

Admittedly I was surprised that I liked the series as much as I do. I heard the other properties - Arrow and the new Flash - were doing well but to be quite honest I haven't really gotten into them but Gotham, Gotham is good!

You guys reading from the U.S will undoubtedly know more than me as it's well into it's seventh or eighth episode if I'm correct but here in the U.K we've just watched Arkham and are going into Viper in just a couple of days. I am absolutely loving Gotham and it has got me glued to the telly more so than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D if I'm honest. However, AoS did outdo Gotham in the premieres but as AoS is into it's second season, that's expected.

When it comes to the characters and the plot I think everything is sort of great. Maybe there are things that could be changed but to me, it's fine as it is and it's got me hooked. Ben McKenzie as James Gordon is a great casting choice and I'm intrigued to see how his character is further developed as the show goes on. I don't think Joe Chill is the one to kill Bruce's parents in this TV adaptation and I can't wait to see when or if Gordon ever does find the killer (by the end of the first series at least).

I also love the castings of Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). I think Logue's and McKenzie's on screen chemistry is great and their characters are great together in terms of comic relief and what not. Jada Pinkett Smith plays Fish Mooney GREAT! Such a good choice. She brings a dark tone that is actually scary at times. She seems very powerful and we've already seen her beat up a few guys and get others to kill for her, I just can't wait to see what else she gets up to on her conquest to control Gotham! And finally, the character that gets me most excited is OSWALD COBBLEPOT! Taylor's portrayal of Cobblepot is tremendous and from the hair, to the way he walks, he just screams "PENGUIN" at you! Out of the villains, I have the most anticipation for Cobblepot as he intrigues me the most and I just can't stop myself from liking this character. I can't wait to see where his character is taken!

Overall I think what Gotham is doing is great and with certain easter eggs set in place (e.g. The Riddler) I can't wait to see what unravels in Gotham. Also with Scarecrow just being cast and Harvey Dent (Two Face) too, there's a lot more to see and a lot more fun to be had!

That's about it for this one guys, I hope you enjoyed reading. I'll be doing a rundown of festive movies that I think have to be watched around the holiday season to get you in the mood for Christmas in the coming weeks and I'll try my best to do something on the final episode of Doctor Who and explain the mystery that will most definitely unravel around Missy who turned out to be The Master in female form! So subscribe if you want to catch that and remember you can get to me on twitter at:


So what do you guys think of Gotham?


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