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Jerome Maida

After solid but disappointing live-action versions of "his" character in a TV-movie and television series, Jimmy Palmiotti talked with me about the long process of getting the upcoming "Painkiller Jane" film to the big screen.

Palmiotti, who co-created the nearly indestructible character, says it was a long and winding road to get the film going after the 2007 "Painkiller Jane" TV series ended after one season.

"When the TV series ended, the property reverted back to us and in-between then and now we had many offers on the table to produce a film or series because the original 22 episodes ran in over 165 countries and the character had instant name recognition", says Palmiotti. "As I went to different meetings, looking at the offers, none were really interested in my vision of the character or they were trying to pair me up with someone that had no clue about what made Jane tick or just flat out didn't do the research on the material."

Palmiotti admits it was a bit frustrating at times, but that he was determined to have his vision of the character come across on the big screen - not what executives thought would make her more appealing.

"I sat in a room listening to others ideas of who the character should be", Palmiotti continues. "Writing the screenplay myself was a reaction of countless, useless (meetings). Craig (Weeden, who co-wrote the current "Painkiller Jane" screenplay) and I got right to the heart of the character and wrote a screenplay about a real person and not a powers driven vehicle. This is an action/adventure and best buddy (film)."

"Painkiller Jane" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


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