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An unexpectedly fortunate event, indeed!

The Baudelaire children have finally caught a break as Netflix has announced it is adapting the hugely popular 'Lemony Snicket' books for a live-action series.

The streaming platform is striving to create a show that will appeal to "both parents and kids," while retaining the "unique, darkly funny and relatable" world of the source material. This is fantastic and truly surprising news for fans of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, the three main characters of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Orphaned children with a bad luck streak, the young trio must rely on their wits and characteristic skills to elude their menacing guardian Count Olaf as he pursues their family fortune.

In 2004, the first three books of the series were adapted into a film version starring Jim Carrey. The movie failed to become the Harry Potter-like franchise that Paramount and partner studios originally wanted, so a lot of us fans lost hope in ever seeing some of our favorite stories come to life. Paramount now gets a second chance with this Netflix partnership to make this story from start to finish.

No word yet on a start date, but the series has already been fast-tracked. Start dusting off your copies of the books, everyone!


Will you be tuning in for Netflix's 'Unfortunate Events' series?


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