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Ly Velez

It's here! The "Into the Woods" trailer has been released! It's about time we hear some music!

Can I just say that Meryl Streep looks fabulous in this trailer! Who knew all grey could look so Vogue!

Looks like she got some help from "What Not to Wear"!

As a bonus to the new musical trailer, Disney decided it would be a good idea to also tease us with 10 new posters featuring our favorite fairy tale characters! I must admit, I was a little disappointed to realize that "animated poster" meant some moving shadows and fog here and there, but that's ok! The posters are still pretty sweet regardless!

For those of you just finding out about "Into the Woods," this Christmas Disney will be bringing us a musical mash up of the most beloved fairy tales of all time. The Tony award-winning musical "Into the Woods" is getting a cinematic adaptation featuring the spell binding music of composer Stephen Sondheim and will be brought to life by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Meryl Streep (the Witch), Johnny Depp (the Wolf), Chris Pine (the Prince), Anna Kendrick (Cinderella), and many more. Exposing the darker side of the famous fairy tales we heard as kids, "Into the Woods" will have us all heeding the age old warning "be careful what you wish for..."

Check out the posters below!


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