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I know a lot of you are probably still grieving over the loss of a certain Samcro member from this Tuesday. Let's all take a deep breath. The worst part is that this is only the beginning. We only have four episodes left of Sons of Anarchy. I hate to say it but we have more deaths coming! Let's talk about this episode though first. As always if you haven't watched [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) up until this point beware of spoilers.

If you've read any of my reviews before I decide the episode up into talking about the bads and the goods. This week I'm going to do that again but add a little twist of having my final section be about the character we lost this episode. Let's talk about the Bads first.

The Bads

One of the bad things that I have complained about almost this entire series has been Juice's storyline. I'm sorry I'll just say it like a hater. I don't care anymore. Theo Rossi is doing the best job he can but his story has been dragged out almost like Clay last season. Either have him kill Lin like he's supposed to or KILL HIM ALREADY! God, that makes me sound do evil but I hate when stories drag out too long. If you think I'm being overdramatic have you ever been sitting at a theater during a movie extremely bored wanting your movie to get good again? That's how I feel about Juice's story!

Why do I get so upset about Juice? Because when we have to check in with him we are taking away time from other supporting characters like Nero. Nero was introduced back in the season 5 premiere and I really love Jimmy Smits in the role. However, his story this season has been pretty stagnant. His performance is never the issue. The writers have just kept him around basically as an option for Gemma to leave Charming. There was also bonding he had with Wendy. Where is that going? Is he going to take the kids to safety with Wendy to his ranch? Or will he be more collateral damage in this war Jax has raged based on Gemma's lie? Whatever happens Nero deserves more story this final season.

When that character was killed all we could all think was THIS IS ALL GEMMA'S FAULT. It totally is. Her lies have caused countless deaths. She can be considered more of the villain than August Marks if you really think about it. One of my biggest issues with this season has been the fact that by episode 9 Gemma still hasn't told anyone besides baby Thomas which Abel heard. I figured she would've laid that burden on someone such as Nero or Unser.

The Goods

First good thing that stuck out to me was the fact that Unser and the cops aren't stupid anymore. In the past they've always been way behind to the Sons and their plans. Now, Sheriff Jarry and Unser have figured out that the club is 100% lying about Tara's murder. The man that Gemma fingered as Tara's murder was arrested for something else that same night. I have a feeling that Unser is going to be the first to discover the truth and Gemma will have to kill Wayne. Just imagine. Wayne Unser has been the man protecting her closely ever since her rape in season 2. Her madness drives her truly over the deep end and she has to murder her protector? That's dark. That sounds like Kurt Sutter!

Some other notable things I enjoyed was the comical cop-car-sex-scene between Jarry and Chibs. This relationship between Chibs and the Sheriff has really caught my eye this season. I think it's because it just keeps me wondering whether or not it truly is real or if it's just business with pleasure on the side. I love Tommy Flannigan as Chibs and I hope he continues to get real screen time in these final four episodes.

I'm not going to waste anymore time and I'm going to talk about the truly shocking part of this episode:

Bobby Munson played by Mark Boone Junior has been murdered by August Marks. Yes, you read that correctly. Bobby Elvis who has been around since the pilot was killed this week. We had a feeling it was coming once he was captured but after weeks of torture we figured there was hope. Could Jax and Marks make a deal to not only keep the Preacher's family safe and Bobby alive?Nope, not happening. Marks shows he truly doesn't like to be f*cked with as he shoots Bobby in the head himself in front of Jax.

This murder of a character had both it's goods and bads. The goods was that Sons of Anarchy finally had the guts to just GO FOR IT and shock us with a big character death. That may sound cynical but ever since Opie's murder every other character death has been drawnnnnnnnn outtttttttttttt. Clay was moping around all of season 6 to finally be killed in episode 11. Tara teetered around the entire seasons 6 before she was killed off.

The bads of this death was that Bobby wasn't given a good send off honestly. In season 5, Jax told Opie the entire truth of the CIA and the cartel before Opie sacrificed himself. What happened to Bobby? The past two weeks he had his eye taken out and his hand cut apart. Mark Boone Junior deserved one final scene to shine before he was murdered. The other issue was the fact that why should he be tortured for a few weeks before he actually had to be killed? How shocking would it have been if back when he was driving in the car and singing along he was killed on the spot.

Again, it must be Sutter's issue of not being able to let go of certain characters. Not saying he doesn't love death because he's killed what four prospects over the course of the show? Bobby in the early seasons was the moral center of Samcro that held everything together. He will be missed.

As an episode I had to give it just a decent grade:

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 "What a Piece of Work is Man" = B

RIP Bobby "Elvis" Munson

What did you guys think of this episode? Was the death truly shocking and heart-wrenching or could you see it coming from a mile away? Please comment below and let's discuss!

Thanks for reading and have a tremendous day!

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