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This is my first review so I apologize that it is bad. Saturday 1st November saw part 1 to the Doctor Who Series 8 Finale. Part 1 is called "Dark Water". This episode had twists and shocks involved especially the last 5 mins. It began with the unexpected event start. I can't say because of SPOILERS! If this event did not happen then the episode would not exist.

During this episode we found our way to Nethersphere AKA Heaven. This is where we bumped into Missy again. Missy did something that we were not expecting. That was snog the Doctor. Why did she do this? We don't know. In Heaven we saw individual tombs with skeletons in them. These tombs were full up with "Dark Water". This is what people turn and go into once they "delete" themselves.

Once Missy says her magic words things began to kick off! The skeletons begin to move and press the all important button. The tombs begin to drain out half way and the slowly reveal............Cybermen! Once the Doctor realizes what is happening he tries to make an exit. Once he has made an exit he finds himself at St Pauls Cathedral in London. This is a reference to the Classic Who Story "The Invasion" with the 2nd Doctor. With Cybermen pouring out of the Catherdral what can the Doctor do?

Things got serious here. After many weeks of tracking Missy she finally revealed her identity. So who is Missy? "SPOILERS"! The Doctor is in for a shock. This episode was left on the Cliffhanger involving Danny. Again SPOILERS! What does he choose?

The Season finale concludes on Saturday 8th November in "Death in Heaven" This episode airs at 8pm-9pm on BBC1.


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