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Hey, my name is Sam and I am a New Zealander who has come to the realisation that if there was a zombie apocalypse, New Zealand would be able to survive.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is that country below Australia that everyone doesn't really know exists. Our tourism slogan is "Look at places where the Hobbit and LOTR were filmed!!!" (It's actually sad, but true).

NZ is in that circle on the right!
NZ is in that circle on the right!

New Zealand has a population of less than 4.5 million. New Zealand has 15 people per square kilometre, which is below the average (meaning we have less people in our land size).

Now you may be asking "Why am I getting a lesson about NZ?" Well I need to lay down some foundation before I get to my point.

Zombies in NZ:

Okay, so now this is where it gets good. Lets just assume that half the New Zealand population becomes zombies (because of spread and people not clicking that the zombies aren't people etc).

So that would be less than 2.25 million zombies in New Zealand. When zombies are on your property (if you hadn't built a fence yet) because there would not be more than three at most at a time most likely, each house hold would be able to take them out if they had to. New Zealanders would be encouraged to stay in their homes because for the first month it would be easiest to control the situation as there is only has an average of 15 people per square kilometre, which is 7 to 8 zombies per square kilometre (assuming half the population went walking dead).

Now how would the government be able to communicate with everyone if theres no power? Well, there would be power! How? Because New Zealand has wind turbines plus we would still be able to run the power plants, as we would just add a bit more security like they do in the walking dead to the plants so that all of NZ would have power and the workers would feel safe.

NZ army! Yes we even have guns ;)
NZ army! Yes we even have guns ;)

In fact, New Zealand has an army of 4290 specialised professionals who would actually be sent out to take back New Zealand. They would be split into teams, some to go into office buildings and into town to take out the zombies there, others to clear the roads for the power plant workers and others to just try find the rest of the walkers and take them out. There would also probably be a clean up team, but they would probably just be volunteers or security guards that want to feel like they're helping out (HA).

A month into the apocalypse all of the surviving New Zealanders could actually go back into work. The police would guard town to make sure no Zombies entered so that workers would feel safe, if any zombies were found there would be a number to call and a special unit would be there within 20 minutes (advantage of small country). Eventually New Zealand would actually be back to normal.

How would people survive the first month with no food? Well, in New Zealand we are already encouraged to have enough tin food to last us about a week, after that week we would go door to door seeing if our neighbours turned. If they did, we would get them out of the house, cricket bat to the face (thanks Shaun of the Dead) and take their weeks supply of food. We wouldn't even have to raid the supermarkets. After the first month the supermarkets could reopen and the local food supply would continue to come in, as New Zealand is a huge exporter of beef, lamb, milk etc. At the end of the day, we would survive!

Post Zombie Apocalypse:

So after the zombie apocalypse our economy would actually thrive. No more unemployed because we would have so many job openings (unless people didn't want jobs and then they wouldn't have to get one). Tax would mainly be for making sure NZ is zombie free and we would actually be able to go help other small countries by taking out their zombie problem.


New Zealand will survive the zombie apocalypse and change their tourism slogan to "Come to a Zombie free place and look at places where the Hobbit and LOTR were filmed!!!"

Zombie Frodo? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!
Zombie Frodo? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!


Do you NZ would actually survive the apocalypse?


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