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I assume if you've clicked this article you're here in the knowledge that spoilers do indeed ensue. This is, needless to say, your final chance to leave.

If you've watched [Arrow](series:720988)'s most recent episode- The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak, which was a lot fun, you'll know it ended with what was an extremely shocking- and, indeed, no one predicted it would pan out this way- twist. Do we believe it? Well, we'll have to see. Here's next week's (new extended) trailer.

So who did it?

So, yes, at the end of the episode, Roy Harper was having nightmares, and all of a sudden we see inside them, and we see The Canary being shot. That was odd in itself and instantly made anyone wonder: How would he know how that looked if he wasn't there? The next moment, he's tossing arrows into her, and he wakes up in a panic...and the episode ends. (Arrow's cliffhangers get me like no other show, suffice to say, and what's more, they happen nearly weekly.) So, let's rewatch that death scene, and have a guess around.

So who are our suspects?

Roy Harper

Still from the next episode.
Still from the next episode.

Who is, of course, now a lot of people's prime suspect. But did he do it? I'm honestly thinking no. Yes, Roy has training, and yes, Sara would be shocked to see him. But throwing the arrows? Conveniently with the face and clothes he wore while in his "Royd rage" (best pun ever)? It seems more likely to me this is a manifestation of his guilt from killing the police officer back in Seeing Red, which he doesn't know about and can't consciously recall. The episode is, after all, called Guilty.

Then how did he know how the death panned out? He was performing a lot of the evidence examination and overseeing Sara's body back in episode two. All of them know Sara was shot by arrows- they were still in her when they found the body- and it panned out on a rooftop. There are only so many ways that can happen. The killer also used a voice modulator. I'm convinced Roy's innocent- of that, at least. There are so many paths they can take with this, with Cadmus- cloning- OMAC, introduced earlier this season, HIVE, name dropped in season two, and The League of Assassin. It doesn't need to be said the Arrow writers well and truly know what they're doing.

And have to say, Emily Bett Rickard's reaction tweet was amusing.

So who else could have done it?

Ra's al Ghul

We know that Ra's was not a fan of Sara. He pretty much actively dismissed her when Nyssa brought the news of her death to him, and was more interested in finding Merlyn. We know he's an expert with pretty much any form of weaponry, and Merlyn seems to suspect- no, actually, he seems quite certain that Ra's did- that he was the murderer.

What's out of place with this one? For starters, it seems out of place for Ra's to use a voice modulator, although in action as an assassin- which, for a master assassin, we don't see very often- it's entirely possible. To do his own dirty work, and actually come out to Starling, is what seems what he would declare beneath him. He's a fan favorite, now, though.

Malcolm Merlyn

Still a fan favorite for the murders, I'm against this one pretty much. It was established quite clearly in The Magician that Merlyn passionately said multiple times he didn't kill Sara, and Oliver himself believed him. Yes, he's a villain, and, yes, a liar, but this doesn't seem like something he would lie about. He was also likely in Corto Maltese at the time, and in truth doesn't really have anything to gain by her death. I think that latter point is important -yes, Merlyn is a self confessed killer and murderer of 503 people, including his own son- but he proudly admits to that and sees destroying the Glades as an achievement.

Thea Queen/Mia Merlyn

Now trained by one of the League of Assassin's great fighters himself, Thea's been pretty awesome this season. She's a fan favorite for the killer of Sara, but I have to say it doesn't feel like it lines up. Yes, Malcolm would likely have taught her bow skills, and yes, Sara would express surprise at seeing her. But the voice modulator sounded male, and Thea again doesn't really have much to gain.

So, those're the most popular fan theories. Here are some more - well, let's just stick with different - theories that I've seen across the internet.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Who almost certainly still has it out for Sara (and everyone and anyone who Oliver loved). Many argue the voice modulator sounded Australian- which I would call stupid, but I may have said it several weeks ago myself- and that Slade has somehow broken out of his Supermax prison on Lian Yu and is back to terrorize Oliver. But, it seems unlikely to me. I have very little doubt he'll reappear on the show, but this season isn't his time to shine. Furthering that, Sara wouldn't react somewhat surprised to see their homicidal friend, she'd be lashing out. Besides, he doesn't like bows...remember?

Ray Palmer

Which is probably the most ludicrous one I've seen, and yet I've seen it more than once. A lot of times, actually. I have no idea why. The most recent fangirl I questioned declares that he's "a pretty clear threat to Olicity." Which, as you can imagine, I didn't find overly convincing. I mean, not only is his comic counterpart a superhero, the guy is actually hard to dislike.

Simon Lacroix/Komodo

Who pretty much outright said he didn't do it because he's proud of his work. Nonetheless, I am certain he'll reappear at some point, but I don't think he was the one who killed Sara at all.

Carrie Cutter/Cupid

Now, this is a theory I'd be quick to dismiss if it wasn't actually quite so plausible, and, well, entertaining. Cupid - the fan who becomes obsessed with Green Arrow, and tries to kill Black Canary accordingly- is confirmed to appear this season, and, if memory serves, in episode seven. What's more, there's also a mysterious bow wielder in next week's trailer wearing a similar costume. (Stop at 0:15.) Am I convinced it's her? By no means. Sara dying out of jealousy seems unlikely, but the show's consistent unveiling of archers who potentially killed her is a lot of fun.

At any rate, we're expected to find out by the mid season finale. Which is now confirmed to be in December, and Stephen Amell says quite certainly he believes Season 3 will blow the well loved Season 2 out of the water by that point. Hopefully we're in for quite the ride.


Who do you think killed Sara?


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