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Watch as I take on the "REAL" Disney Tag! Since I was tagged by Ryan Lamont, I must take the tag and share my opinions. It's a dirty little tag video all about Disney. So I thought you'd also enjoy some of this Disney magic.

Now you should also take the tag, here are the questions.

1. What Disney Character would you want to be and why?
2. Which Disney Character seems like a bitch?
3. What Disney Character should die?
4. What Disney Character would you date?
5. What Disney Character is obviously in the closet?
6. Which Disney Character seems rough in bed?
7. What would be your happy thought to fly in Peter Pan?
8. What Disney character is most likely to be a serial killer (Besides the villains)?
9. What non Disney song reminds you of Disney?
10. Which Disney character would be the best drug dealer?
11. Who would you want to be your sugar daddy or sugar mommy?
12. If there was a Disney movie about you, what would the one word title be?

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