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So, this week's DC TV was very well received- all except The Flash, which missed out due to an election, but probably still got rave reviews anyway, as every episode has so far. Though I must say, as an Australian, The Flash is a lot more interesting than to me than politics, so next time you can just give me the episode (I can feel the political backlash sparking, that was just a joke. Don't murder me, I beg you.) Here's what we're in for next week.


After the twists and turns this week and overwhelmingly positive reaction to this week's episode- proof if you just give a show a chance it can get really good- and we actually saw the ratings RISE, next week is more anticipated than ever. While Black Mask seems obviously teased, I'm quite sure it's not him. The description- Gordon and Bullock investigate a Gothamite who runs a deadly fight club for candidates applying to work at his financial firm. Meanwhile, Bruce returns to school and gets a visit from a new friend.

A new friend? Looks to be possible we might meet Thomas Elliot- better later known as Hush- in this episode. The Gothamite doesn't sound like Black Mask, but anything's possible.

The Flash

As I've expressed, I was pretty much devastated when [The Flash](series:1068303) wasn't on this week. It hurt me. In my soul. That said, next week features the debut of DC villainess/heroine Plastique, as well as General Eiling- better known as The General, in DC comics. We'll see military involvement in an explosive- punny punny- episode next week, yes. Here's a trailer for multiple episodes, featuring our first looks at Girder, Blackout, and, indeed very briefly, Plastique, but mainly showing off The Flash's amazing special effects.

And, because there was no Flash this week, here's last week's visually amazing train scene. For a show on its fourth episode, which I thought had already used most of its budget with the quality, this scene was truly something special. Best CGI I've seen on TV in a fairly long while.


The end of this week's [Arrow](series:720988) gave us yet another absolutely shocking cliffhanger. While I'm skeptical of its truthfulness, I certainly didn't see it coming, and am really looking forward to next week. I'm certainly loving season three so far. For more discussion on just who committed that murder back in The Calm, even though Roy now seems the culprit (again, skeptical,) I invite you to have a look at my list of suspects and theories here.


I confess- in an extremely guilty fashion- I haven't actually gotten around to watching [Constantine](movie:874314) yet. I certainly intend to, and I've heard mostly positive things, but just because it is a DC property on TV after all, here's the trailer for next week's episode, The Devil's Vinyl, featuring debut of Hellblazer (Constantine comics, for those who don't know) villain Papa Midnite..

I'd ask in the comments, while we're all allowed favourites, that you don't say "X is better than Y" for any of the shows. These are all great in my eyes- haven't seen Constantine, though- and they really don't need to be pitted against each other to determine that.

And considering I haven't done a "next time" since I wrote the article, here's the confirmation article that the DC properties, both movies and TV, do indeed exist within a multiverse, as has always been DC's style. Well played DC.


What do you think? Did Roy kill Sara Lance?


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