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What is it about VS. matchmaking that makes us so giddy? Well I think it's the debate. Anytime two famous properties are put together to fight, it causes fans to collide and debate who would win the battle. Look at how much debate has risen for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the movie won't be out until 2016.

Other films have had crossovers of famous characters such as Alien VS Predator or AVP...and it (plus its sequel) was extremely stupid. Still it had fun moments when the Aliens and Predators did fight each other.

Another film that did this was in 2003 when iconic film baddies Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger clashed in a dumb but very entertaining film simply called: Freddy vs. Jason.

And in 2016, we'll be getting another VS film with Captain America: Civil War where we'll get to see Captain America and Iron Man finally fight.

With so many famous characters out there, it surprises me that more clashes haven't happened. So, that's why I'm here to suggest a few that could be fun as a movie.

Wonder Woman Vs Shazam

One is the daughter of Zeus, one has the powers of multiple Greek myths. WHO WILL WIN?

Title Possibilities:

  • Wonder Woman V Shazam
  • Wonder Woman V Shazam: Thunder of the Gods

How The Plot Could Work: Ares pollutes the mind of Wonder Woman so that she engages in war against man. Now figuring that the best way to fight her is fire against fire, Billy Batson now must fight the hero that he looks up to as SHAZAM!

We are already getting a Batman V Superman so it's not too much of a stretchy idea.

Wolverine VS Deadpool

This one was kind of a given. Let's face it, after X-Men: Apocolypse, there isn't going to be many opportunities for the X-Men series to continue except for spin-off movies. One of them being the Shadowcat movie, which I already talked about in one article of mine. Another would be pairing up Hugh Jackman against Ryan Reynolds once again in a film that can completely erase the abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Both are immortal, amazing fighters with healing factors. WHO WILL WIN?

Title Possibilities:

  • Wolverine X Deadpool
  • Wolverine X Deadpool: Because it's X-Men!

How the Plot Could Work: After the events of Apocalypse, Logan is now drifting. Trying to find a place to relax and retire. Unfortunately, Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool has been paid to take down the Wolverine...if he can.

Spider-Man VS Wolverine

One's a super-powered teen with immense intellect...and a huge mouth, the other is the immortal berserker from Canada! WHO WILL WIN?

Yeah I know, different companies own these two but I have been hearing rumors of Fox and Sony possibly colliding, so there is a chance.

Title Possibilities:

  • The Spider-Man VS The Wolverine
  • Web of Rage

How the Plot Could Work: Alistair Smythe has kidnapped and implanted a mind control chip inside Wolverine and decides to use him as the ultimate weapon to fight Spider-Man. He nicknames Wolverine the Spider-Slayer.

Count Dracula VS The Mummy

One is a demonic vampire lord with unlimited strength and power, the other is a walking plague upon mankind with power over the sands, and glory of invincibility. WHO WILL WIN?

Universal has decided to reboot all of the classic monster movies so that they are all connected in one universe. Think Marvel but with monsters that want to kill you. Usually the pairing here is always Dracula VS Frankenstein, but I always felt that Dracula VS the Mummy sounded a bit cooler.

Title Possibilities:

  • Dracula Meets The Mummy
  • Count Dracula VS The Mummy

How the Plot Could Work: (This could change depending on how they take the universe) High Priest Emhotep's seal has been opened by Romanian explorers, so now the ancient Mummy has returned to steal their essences but in order to do so, he must travel to Transylvania to find these explorers. Meanwhile, one of the explorers is investigating the castle of the deceased Count Dracula. Upon cutting his finger, the blood drips onto Dracula's ashes making him rise from the dead. Needing the rest of the blood of the explorer, Dracula begins his hunt. One by one, the team is killed. At the same time, Dracula and Emhotep find the same man which causes a conflict between the two monsters. Who will kill and suck the man dry?

Batman VS Link

It will never happen, I know. But I still think it's a pretty fun concept.

One is the Caped Crusader, the other is the Triforce of Courage. WHO WILL WIN?

Title Possibilities:

  • Batman V Link
  • Batman VS Link
  • Batman V Link: Courage And Justice

How the Plot Could Work: When a weak Ganondorf tries to travel to another world, he comes across Ra's al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit. After being revived by the mystic pool, the two team up since they share the same goal: to conquer their worlds. Deciding to rid themselves of their adversaries, they lure Batman into the world of Hyrule where a battle between Link and Batman takes place.

I already did an article about this awhile back, in fact.

I'm sure there are tons more that I can come up with but I thought I'd leave that to you! Which clash of famous characters would you like to see? Post below and let me know!


Which one would make the best cross over movie?


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