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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

OK, so a guy who changes his name to the demon in The Exorcist is probably not one you'd want to entertain over a light dinner.

Pazuzu Algarad, the proud owner of the name of the particular hell being that possesses Reagan in The Exorcist, did not just stop at the name, however.

In 2009, Pazuzu and his partner, Amber Burch, murdered two men. The skeletal remains of Joshua Fredrick Wetzler, 37, and Tommy Dean Welch, 36, were found by police in shallow graves in Pazuzu's yard.

Now police in the area have unveiled the shocking footage of this murderous self-described demon's home, highlights of which include:

Piles of Trash

Yup, mountains and mountains of stinky trash, in some places up to waist height.


Creepy Messages

Not that anyone in their right mind is gonna stick around long enough to read them.


A Swastika and a Pentagram

Not the most welcoming lounge in the world...


Animal Carcasses

Because nothing says 'Home Sweet Home' like random dead things scattered around your crummy shack.


Check out Pazuzu's Crib: Murderer Edition below.

At least law enforcement caught up with this creep. Hopefully the house can go to someone who would make better use of it. What do you guys think?


How much would you have to be paid to spend the night in Pazuzu's house?

Source: NY Daily News


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