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Thanks to my love of The Walking Dead I think I'd be well equipped to kick ass in the event of a catastrophic zombie apocalypse.

But of course, it's very easy to be an expert when you're watching from the comfort of the couch, but have you ever wondered how an actual zombie apocalypse might play out? Well, one 4Chan user did, and after running the numbers he found out that that a zombie apocalypse wouldn't last as long as you'd expect.


There would be a LOT of zombies

The 4chan user figures that, rounding numbers down, there are around 300 million people in continental USA. If the outbreak were to effect 99% of the population, that would create around 297 million zombies, and 3 million survivors.


The outbreak survivors would regroup

The roughly 3 million survivors would be scattered around the country and many of them would form groups, like Rick and the gang, or the Termites in The Walking Dead.

On average, the groups might have around 20 people; some would obviously be larger, like Woodbury, or smaller, like the solo Father Gabriel. Around 150,000 different groups and settlements across the country is not an unreasonable estimate.


How long would the zombies last?

So, the survivors have banded together in their groups, and --much like Carol's transformation from meek housewife to literal lady killer-- everyone has learned to defend themselves.

If each survivor kills 10 zombies per month, that's over 200 dead re-animated corpses each month, or 2,400 each year, per group. If you were to tally up the kills from all 150,000 survivor groups and settlements, that is a potential 360 million dead zombies in just 12 months.

The zombie apocalypse could be over in just one year.


So The Walking Dead is totally unrealistic?

Aside from the fact that The Walking Dead is a fictional TV show, the 4chan user does leave out some important factors that could change his theorem.

Firstly, much like Judith and Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead, there would be many young or helpless survivors, who may not be able contribute to killing the zombies; although, for every helpless Judith there is bound to be a ruthless Rick or Daryl doing more than their fair share.

It also doesn't account for survivors dying, which would not only decrease survivor numbers, but add to the zombie numbers! Though admittedly those numbers of dying survivors would be quite small, and eventually survivors would start repopulating the world as well.

The final sticking point may be surrounding cities like LA or New York. These cities would probably have a much larger and more condensed zombie population to be killed than in rural, middle America. However, in bigger cities there would also be a large survivor population, in addition to the zombie herds wandering out of cities of their own accord.


So there you have it, the internet has given the good news! Brush up on your sharpshooting and a zombie apocalypse may only last 12 months. Of course, a post-apocalyptic world might be a strange new place to adapt to, but at least we'd be doing it without the threat of brain hungry zombies!


Would YOU survive a zombie apocalypse?

Source: Reddit


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