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It's a running joke among Vampire Diaries fans that characters never stay dead for long, but Julie Plec will defend her love of resurrection until the grave.

The executive producer told Digital Spy that although her and the writing team still want to "make sure death has stakes on the show," she believes bringing people back to life is the right thing to do sometimes. She told interviewers that:

It does make you question whether what you are seeing is permanent and so therefore from a critical analysis, you can say that you suck the real-life stakes out of it. But as a fan, when I watch shows and my favourite characters die, it's devastating - it's absolutely heartbreaking and it takes something away from your enjoyment of the show for a little bit

Plec also went on to compare [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) audience to that of more violent show such as [Game of Thrones](movie:817617), describing her flock as a a "younger demographic" who isn't quite so into extreme violence.

Although Plec nearly always breaths life back into dead characters, she admitted she loves killing them off. Plec explained:

I love killing people and I love to believe that it's permanent

Before going on to tell interviewers that sometimes you just miss the dead ones too much to keep them in the grave:

Every now and then, you just miss somebody. Alaric would be a perfect example - that was permanent, we were never going to have him again, but we got the opportunity to bring him back and we did

Or, in the words of Damon:


Do you think The Vampire Diaries brings too many dead characters back?

(Source: Digital Spy)


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