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I feel like I am about to insight a scene of mass hysteria with this article, but the people have to know, goddammit!

The ever smoldering Ian Somerhalder is offering some lucky fans the chance to spend a day swooning around Mystic Falls while staring into his gorgeous baby blues.

The competition is to benefit Somerhalder's personal charity, The Ian Somerhalder foundation, and proceeds will go toward supporting ISF programs and services such as youth development programs and the ISF Sanctuary.

The lucky winners will not only get to walk on the hallowed ground of Mystic Falls with Ian by their side, but they will also get to film their own personal scene with [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) hunk to treasure for all eternity.

And, if you're not living in the USA, you can still enter! Winners are eligible to be flown from absolutely anywhere in the world.

As a Berliner, I am an eternally grateful. Thankyou, Ian!


How would you react to meeting Ian Somerhalder face to face?

(Source: BSC Kids)


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