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Matthew McConaughey's face will be seen all over movie theaters this weekend, as his latest release - Christopher Nolan's Interstellar - hits theaters. But the actor isn't resting on his latest work. Or reverting back to his pre-McConaissance acting career, which relied mainly on his six pack and Southern drawl...

Nope, today an announcement went out detailing plans that could team the actor with director Gary Ross for a Civil War flick, called Free State of Jones, in which McConaughey would play a Mississippi man and "the leader of one of the greatest rebellions in Civil War history."

The real-life story is based on Newton Knight, who has long been a controversial figure. Historians disagree over his motives, with some arguing he was a noble man who refused to fight against a cause in which he did not believe, while others have portrayed him as a manipulative outlaw.

Deadline are reporting that "we hear that STX may finance (up to $20M) for the $65M-budgeted story of one of the most controversial men from the that era." So somebody at STX had better stuff a few dollar bills into McConaughey's thong. Pronto.

Gary Ross has reportedly been working on this passion project of his for some time now, and having McConaughey on board could provide the momentum to get the flick made. There's no denying the "McConaissance", a dauntless second act in Matthew McConaughey's life, which - with performances in the likes of True Detective, Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street and Interstellar - we've been all too happy to make room for.


Does 'Free State of Jones' sound like something you'd like to check out?

(Source: Deadline)


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