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Anyone who was around when Pokemon red and blue, and the much coveted trading cards, blasted into Western culture, has probably longed for a Pokemon to call their own. But these celebs have gone a step further by embodying the mystical creatures!

So, if you've ever wondered which Pokemon Miley Cyrus would be, or pondered who would be the useless flailing Magicarp of the celebrity world, now I finally have the answers you've been seeking.

You're welcome!

Steven Tyler and Gyarados

It's always been clear that Steve Tyler is not of this world, but who knew he was actually a enormous water dragon. The world is a baffling place sometimes.


Vin Diesel and Diglet

Oh hey there Diglet, you'll have to introduce me to your a hunky older brother!


Miley Cyrus and Shellder

With powers including 'Toxic' and 'Selfdestruct,' Shellder and Miley are totes soul mates!


Keanu Reeves and Kakuna

The only Pokemon to come close to matching Keanu's immobile face is the relentlessly rigid Kakuna.


Vintage Rupert Grint and Magicarp

Ron Weasley was my favorite Harry Potter character, but there's no escaping the fact that he is totally the flailing Magicarp of the group


Nicki Minaj and Kirlia

With a penchant for magical leaves (I promise I didn't make that up!), maybe anti-weed Nicki Minaj and Kirlia's similarities are just skin deep...


Courtney Love and Jynx

Jynx's "cries sound like human speech. However, it is impossible to tell what it is trying to say." - Which sounds very much like Courtney Love for much of the late '90s.


Matthew Lewis and Badoof

Thankfully, Matthew Lewis has evolved since his tragic Badoof days!


Dog the Bounty Hunter and Arcanine

Both dogs, both mangey looking. Case closed.


Tom Cruise and Raticate

I can't even.


Which pokemon would you have on your team?

(Source: Chill Out Point, Smosh and Buzzfeed)


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