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Great news, fans of partly disfigured and deeply romantic musical geniuses who wear elaborate facial masks - The Phantom of the Opera is coming to TV!

Not only that, though - two different adaptations of the classic tale are making their way to the screen. ABC has already announced plans for a modern spin on the story, with Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry taking the lead, and an...interesting take on the project, which will reportedly resemble ABC's Nashville. Their Phantom will reportedly be:

"...[a] contemporary reimagining of Gaston Leroux's gothic novel...set in the sexy and cutthroat world of the modern-day music business."

There is, though, another version of the Phantom on its way - and this one sounds a whole lot more traditional.

Writer Tony Krantz and acclaimed French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet are teaming up with Endemol Studios to create a somewhat more faithful-sounding adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel - with the setting shifted somewhat less substantially, only moving from the nineteenth century to the early twentieth.

Set in Paris in 1919, as the Jazz Age was still finding its feet in a Bambi-like fashion, the series will apparently center on...

"...a British World War I fighter pilot with burns covering half of his body. He finds himself at the center of a string of murders that threatens to embroil the city’s gathered world leaders. The “Opera” in this re-imagining is an opera house that is home to the hottest nightclub in Paris — think Studio 54 — whose American Josephine Baker-esque headliner finds herself in the cross hairs of the serial killer."

Which sounds pretty darned interesting, especially since Jeunet - whose work on Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, and Amélie has deservedly earned him a legion of fans - lends any project an air of potential awesomeness.

Now we just have to wait to see when, and where, we'll end up seeing this new Phantom...

What do you guys think?


Which Phantom of the Opera project are you most excited for?

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