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Fan casting is extremely popular on Movie Pilot. As fans, we all have our wish list of actors to play certain roles. I’ve even seen some fan casting for certain directors to be attached to different projects. This is one of those fan casts.

Marvel movies have become the biggest box office draws in recent years. Some of their properties haven’t succeeded as planned though. Both Fantastic Four movies were critically panned. Same goes for some of the X-Men movies. Daredevil was a flop. Elektra was a flop. The Ghost Rider films weren’t good and The Punisher films were just as bad.

I’d like to talk about that last one though; The Punisher. I see the most potential in this property. I don’t think the character fits in the Marvel cinematic universe, but as a stand-alone film, I think he can succeed.

He’s essentially Keanu Reeves in John Wick or Denzel Washington in The Equalizer or Liam Neeson in Taken. He’s a one man wrecking crew. That should be easy to translate to film. Why hasn’t it though? I think Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson did fine in the role. Where the movies failed was everywhere else. Story, dialogue, direction, production, marketing, etc. have let the character down.

I think the perfect director to properly portray the character on screen would be Quentin Tarantino. He’s an admitted comic book fan. He almost directed a Luke Cage movie. He’s even admitted to having parts of his movies influenced by different comic book properties. The one thing holding him back is that he’d want to more or less create the character and storyline himself.

I say, let him do it. Give him The Punisher, Frank Castle, and let him reshape his origin story to best fit the big screen. The character is right up Quentin Tarantino’s alley. He’s an ultra-violent man seeking revenge. This sounds like a match made in Heaven to me. It’s not likely to ever happen, but a fan can dream right?


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