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Going into spoiler zone here so if you want to avoid any knowledge of what could happen in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), leave this article.

Now by the looks of things we are gonna be seeing three funerals in the movie. My guess is that two of them are flashbacks to Jonathan Kent's and the parents of Bruce, Thomas and Martha Wayne. However the latest funeral has really got my attention. Two extras on the set have slipped a bit of news out that could be a major event in the movie.

A second scene the extra participated in is said to deal with the death of the President of the United States.
It's said Henry Cavill was on set as Clark Kent (but didn't film that day), and the scene was a parade taking place in Washington D.C. It's said CG effects would be added in for buildings etc. in post-production.
According to the tipster, the parade is the funeral procession for the President of the United States.

Source - Cosmic Book News

If this funeral really is for the President of the United States then things could really be set up for some major comic material brought to life. It is to my believing that Luthor is gonna use his company to help pay for the damage of Metropolis. I also reckon Wayne Industries is gonna partner up with Lexcorp to help. Now with this happening people are going to see Luthor as a hero which means he can use the general public against Superman. With this happening of course Bruce is gonna be on the opposite side to Superman which will probably be the reason to why they clash. But now if the President were to die, Luthor is given a major advantage. With a lot of the public on his side Luthor would have no problem running for President and winning the election. This then would make him the most powerful human on the planet and while he's plotting against Superman he's also got the power to still prove his innocence to the world. I could see this being a big set up for the Justice League and Suicide Squad movie. Luthor could be the one funding the Suicide Squad project while Amanda Waller is placed in charge. And then with the Justice League movie we could see the Injustice League or Legion of Doom form. Or Luthor could be the first person on Earth to come in contact with Braniac.

Making Lex Luthor President can really jump start his plans cause realistically some of the stuff he accomplishes in the comics would take more time to perfect. I honestly think this would be a great move for the character and could revive him a bit as well. I know a lot of people over the years have got bored of Luthor but something like this could really show the powerful and threatening character he really is. Also if you want an idea of what Luthor is like as President, go and watch Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.


Do you think we'll see Lex Luthor run for President in the DC Cinematic Universe?


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