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Lots of shocking revelations and developments in this week’s episode. At the end of last week we saw that everyone found out that Cobblepot was still alive and that Bullock wanted to kill Gordon. This week we get to see the aftermath of that revelation and the path it is leading down for not only the crime families but for the GCPD and Gotham.

We start off seeing Penguin walking down the street with a couple of goons and it quickly cuts to Mooney throwing things and yelling that he is still alive. We then cut to Gordon calling Barbara to try to tell her to get out of the city only to turn around and get decked by Harvey. Jim try’s to talk to him convince him that he can fix this but Bullock says he should hope he never see’s him again. After that we see Mooney’s men in Barbara’s apartment and they explain why they need to get Gordon and she figures out that he didn’t kill Cobblepot right as Butch is hitting on her. Gordon comes in with his gun drawn and tells the one goon to put his gun down, he does it but then Butch says now they are going to have to kill blondie. That leads to Jim shooting the other goon in the leg and then pistol-whipping Butch before kicking the other one in the face. We then see Jim and Barbara at the bus station and he tells her to go and he will join her after he takes care of the situation and she reluctantly goes. All this before the title scene.

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