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Here at MoviePilot, we're pretty big on Fan Art. It takes a unique combination of a person who is not only a brilliant artist, but also a dedicated and true fan to put together some of the best depictions of the characters and stories. Take a look at Mauricio Abril's website and you'll see that he's combined his interest in visual art and superheroes and done some really great work.

Ranging from Batman's world, to Superman's and Spiderman's, he demonstrates a broad ability to capture a lot of the great parts of each.

Check it out below:

'The Solemn Knight'

This is cool. The Dark Knight sits with Gotham as his backdrop, holding a child's toy, probably contemplating how to keep the city's children safe.

'Spidey Sony'

This is a cool visual commentary on the business side of things when it comes to the overall superhero universe. Mauricio commented on this on his MoviePilot page saying,

For the unaware, Spiderman is currently being distributed by Sony Pictures, who acquired the rights from Marvel back when Marvel was almost going bankrupt and needed the money. Because of this, and a legal clause mandating Sony to release a new Spiderman film every other year in order to maintain the rights indefinitely, our favorite web-head will never be able to be a part of the larger Marvel cinematic universe barring some unforeseen legal arrangement between Sony and Disney (who owns the rights to the Avengers and most other Marvel properties).

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam

As the title suggests, this is a depiction of "The Rock" playing Black Adam, Captain Marvel's villainous counterpart.

More of Batman In Action

He captures the dark feel of the recent Batman movies so well. And of course, some quality Batman hand-to-hand combat scenes are always awesome.

Superman Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

Really great work here. I really like the behind-the-scenes view of Clark Kent taking off his suit and wiping away blood. And a crying baby Superman leaving Krypton in the last pic in a pod bound for earth.

Harley Quinn Ready To Do Some Damage

Abril goes with a mix of bad-ass and evil here for Harley Quinn. I really like the shine of the mis-matching gear and how she puts on her makeup with The Joker standing formidably behind her.

Venom Looking Scary As Shit

It's only right to include the two portraits of Venom, looking truly scary. Those teeth are no joke!



Which artist depiction was your favorite?


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