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Christopher Spear

I've been reading the fan posts so far about the new Star Wars Title The force Awakens! Some people like it but don't think it is exciting enough and some fans feel it has a lack of imagination and now are starting to worry about the film itself. I believe this is the perfect title for the squeal starter. As vague as it is to some. If your really think about it and start using your mind here. It opens up the mind to think about what has awoken. Is it an ancient evil thought long dead and gone that has been revived but not yet revealed! Is it all the hiding Jedi Knights and force sensitives finally coming out and gathering to rebuild the Jedi Order! Is it a Dark new sect built from the remnants of the Emperors assassins and inquisitors Palpatine and Vader trained during the days of the Empire!

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens may be a simple title but so was Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and look how this movie turned out! Changing blockbusters/movies in general and how they are looked at and made to this very day! Sometimes simple is better! Less is more! I believe in J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy who have have been behind the scenes and made some of the biggest and best TV and movies in my lifetime and in history. Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens reopens the fun and mystery of the force itself and makes you go back to when these films first came out, with that sense of wonder and excitement again! That's what makes it a perfect title and beginning for this new saga, this new journey that we love so much and feel so passionately about! May the Force Be With You!!!

Tell me what you think and feel about today's title announcement. Think about the title for awhile and use your imagination and see where that leads you! Then comment and even debate about it! Thank you for your time and enjoy!


What do you think of the New title Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens?


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