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The story behind Sheldon Cooper’s desire for a whiskey in the western video game Red Dead Redemption:

In The Big Bang Theory (S05E12), when Sheldon feels miserable due his trouble with Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) he decides, after a rough night, to go for a walk to clear his head and to drink his trouble away. He wants to act like a real man, to forget his distressed situation with his platonic girl friend, Amy. Due to the fact that Sheldon usually doesn’t drink real alcohol, he instead enters virtually the Western saloon for a drink in the Xbox 360 video game Red Dead Redemption.

This x-rated (+18) and open world video western action game is about a former outlaw who has no choice but to work as a lonely bounty hunter to rescue his wife and son, who are being held hostage.

The clue here: Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games has a learning morality engine that the player’s action - good or bad - influences his character and the way the other virtual characters respond to him.

Picture Source: Fan Pop / Copyrights by CBS & Rockstar Games
Picture Source: Fan Pop / Copyrights by CBS & Rockstar Games

The outlaw and whiskey drinking scene fit obviously to the frustrating situation Sheldon is facing. On a deeper level, the open world game with the learning morality engine is a metaphor for Sheldon’s realization that people are going to treat him like he treats them.

Therefore, he has to learn to adjust his assumed rational, but often harsh action and words to be treated nicely by his surroundings. It’s like the virtual outlaw John Marston and his ability to gain positive or negative honor with his actions.

While Sheldon plays the game and talks to Leonard, he realizes that he has to treat Amy friendlier, say sorry and buy her a little present, a tiara, to befriend her again. The tiara works also as redemption, - a reference to the title that gets him out of his miserable situation he was captivated in.

I don’t know if the TBBT producers had all this in mind when choosing exact this video game, but I think it’s a nice trivia and reasonable assumption.

Picture Copyrights by Rockstar Games & CBS
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