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Just in case there wasn’t enough franchise related news to give you a nose bleed today, what with trailers to Hobbit prequels and newly titled Star Wars sequels, perhaps the toy box shaking revelation that John Lasseter is directing Toy Story 4 will finally tip you over. You read that right. Toy Story 4. John Lasseter. And it’s set for June 2017.

Coming from Variety, it appears that amidst the talk of the company’s fourth quarter and fiscal year results, Walt Disney chief Bob Iger let slip that we’d be reunited with Woody, Buzz and co. in a brand new addition to the franchise. Whilst some fans might be rolling their eyes in a doll-like manner at the news, it’s worth noting that there was talk of a possible fourth film as far back as 2010. Upon release of the third film it was revealed that both Tim Allen and Tom Hanks were signed up for another film with Hanks saying in a 2011 interview that he thought Pixar had something in the pipeline, anyway. Naturally the House of Mouse kept quiet about the matter saying in 2012 that ’nothing was official’. Well, now it most certainly is.

Currently the only bit of detail we can get at the moment is that this is actually happening, Iger in all his powerful Disney-based splendour didn’t let anything else out, including who’d be back and in what particular story they’d be telling. One interesting perk about the whole thing is that Lasseter is the man handling things this time round, and he helped a great deal in bringing us this beloved band of toys to life in the first place. Expect more on this as details arrive.

What do you think though? Are you excited to see Woody and Buzz coming back for more? Or do you think the toy box should’ve been closed with Toy Story 3? Cast your vote or sound off in the comments below.


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