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Article Below Contains Spoilers

Not too many action flicks keep me entertained and engaged throughout the entire two hours nowadays, let alone a foreign one. But this Japanese action flick directed by Sion Sono titled Why Don't You Play In Hell is a one of a kind!

When I'm in the mood for an action-packed film, I usually resort to an old Schwarzenegger or Stallone movie. But this movie, even as random and unexpected as it can be, is definitely a one to watch with a group of friends on a Friday night.

I don't want to go too far into the plot, since you have yet to see it (and totally should). But the basic story all comes down to an aspiring filmmaker who finally gets his chance to make a movie with an actual budget, actors, and crew members. Even under certain dangerous circumstances, he gives it a fair shot. The outcome of his experience will be for you to see for yourself when the movie is released publicly.

This movie also has an impeccable balance of everything you could possibly want from an action flick. Comedy, hatred, blood, swords, guns, and lots of flying body parts are all included in this awesome piece. That, mixed with the perfect amount of Japanese awesomeness, gives this film an edge over most action films in today's standards.

Why Don't You Play In Hell also pays homage to some of cinemas greatest action movies like Die Hard & Kill Bill which pushes the movie even closer to being the perfect action film to watch. I was never bored while watching the whole two hours of the movie, something far too many new films can't prevent today.

'Why Don't You Play In Hell' is definitely one of the best movies to be released this year, and my new personal favorite Japanese film. I HIGHLY suggest you check it out if you can this Friday, November 7th, at select theater near you.


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