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Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain, is about a group of explorers sent out into space to find a new world for humans to live on, since our planet is dying. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) must leave his family to complete this mission, while Amelia (Anne Hathaway) helps him. They must use wormholes in space and time to their advantage, to achieve this. While this is happening, Cooper’s daughter (Jessica Chastain) is on earth trying to solve a mystery, which I can’t tell you without giving something away.

Matthew McConaughey in his spacesuit
Matthew McConaughey in his spacesuit

Now, this is a sci-fi movie, but don’t let that fool you, it is a fantastic movie. If you are not a fan of sci-fi, this movie will convert you. Packed with five academy award winner actors, the movie delivers. Though there is a little bit of a dry spot in the second half, the rest of the movie makes up for it tenfold. Matthew McConaughey delivers, in my opinion, his best acting yet, his chemistry with Anne Hathaway made all their scenes great to watch. Not to mention, one of my favorite directors of all time, Christopher Nolan, at the helm of this movie. His directing is beautiful, so beautiful you just have to see it for yourself. This being his first sci-fi movie made it even more surprising how good it was. This movie truly lets you know what this man can do.

Christopher Nolan (Left) and his brother Jonathan Nolan (Right) on set for Interstellar
Christopher Nolan (Left) and his brother Jonathan Nolan (Right) on set for Interstellar

To truly experience this movie, I suggest IMAX. It was filmed in IMAX and frankly it looks amazing in it. The theater experience made me feel immersed in the movie, from shaking my seat, from the amazing sound, to the amazing soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer, adding to the intenseness of the movie. I was hooked onto this movie from beginning to end.

My final verdict is an 8.5/10. Why? Because while it is a fantastic movie, there were some problems, like every movie. The dry spot in the middle was not as interesting to sit through as it should have been. There were also some scenes where it was a little hard to hear what people were saying, thankfully they weren’t saying anything too important to the plot. These small mistakes, however, can be overlooked by most people, they are not that distracting to the rest of the movie. This is definitely a must see of the 2014 film year, I would not be surprised if it was brought up at the academy awards this year. Hopefully, it wins a lot of awards, because it deserves it. Definitely go see it, you will not be disappointed.



Fun Fact: The VFX artist consulted with a real physicist to make the worm hole look as realistic as possible.


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