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Now, to say there was already a lot of buzz about the recently-released Birdman would be...something of an understatement. The movie may not have set the box office on fire just yet - but it's been critically lauded, and seems to be loved by more-or-less anyone who gets anywhere near it.

Which, considering the magnificently meta and self-aware premise - Michael Keaton plays a washed up actor, haunted by a superhero role he played decades ago - and the ridiculously talented director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, isn't too much of a surprise.

What is, though, is just how in touch with the core of geekdom the latest viral video for the movie is:

I mean...look at that thing! It's like being in 1992 again (OK, sure, I was a little kid at that point, but still...).

It's got...

The Old Fox Logo

The Old Fashioned Voiceover/Skyline Shot

The Old School Action Shots

The Direct Batman References

And, of course...

The Superhero Costume Montage Scene

Honestly, I can practically hear New Kids on the Block playing on a boombox...


What do you guys think, though? Loving the new Birdman viral video?

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