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Warning: Potential Walking Dead comic and TV spoilers below.

Our first glimpse of a smooth-faced Rick Grimes has finally emerged from the set of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5!

The photos and footage of a beardless Rick come from the set of the second half of Season 5, in a scene with both Rick and Carl. The episode, believed to be episode 12, is directed by executive producer and special effects master Greg Nicotero.

After pictures were released of well groomed Andrew Lincoln attending the Season 5 premiere way back at the start of October, the internet has been a flutter with fan theories about what Season 5 holds in store for Rick Grimes.

Though the theories ranged from flash-back scenes to Rick's death, there was one which readers of The Walking Dead comics rallied behind as the most likely reason: Rick and the group had reached the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

So why is the Alexandria Safe-Zone important? The walled-community of the Safe-Zone is a bit more of a sophisticated set up than the old prison Rick and the gang were living in. It comes complete with running water, electricity and all the comforts of home. Why wouldn't Rick take advantage of this occasion to sharpen up his image a bit? He definitely did in the comic series! Check out this panel from issue 70:

With these new images and video from the set of episode 12, it seems like the Season 5 story line is shaping up fast. In fact, last week we already heard the first hint that the group might head toward a walled-community when the new character, Noah, spoke to Beth about one in Richmond, Virginia.

It definitely seems that sometime over the next eight episodes, we can expect Rick and the gang reach the ASZ, and we can kiss that sweet, sweet face rug goodbye and say hello to this guy:

To watch the entire video from behind the scenes of episode 12 check it out below:


Do you think Rick's new appearance means the group found the Alexandria Safe-zone?

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