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Good news for fans of classic 1970's action shows - Mark Wahlberg is bringing one of the most beloved, and joyously ridiculous, series of the era back to our screens.

The actor - along with his Lone Survivor director Peter Berg - is set to bring the iconic Steve Austin, aka The Six Million Dollar Man, to cinemas in 2016.

That's right: They can rebuild him...they have the technology...

The most interesting part? The movie - what with inflation, and plausibility, and all - is set to be titled The Six Billion Dollar Man. Presumably because these days six million bucks'll barely get you a decent set of prosthetic limbs, let alone the kind of futuristic super-legs that Austin will presumably be receiving in the film.

And that bionic eye? That's going to cost a few hundred million all by itself.

The only big issue remaining, though - aside from who'll actually write the movie - is this: Will Wahlberg rock the iconic red tracksuit?


What do you guys think? Is The Six Billion Dollar Man a good idea?

via Deadline


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