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We all knew their was something weird about Jo when we read that she couldn't be compelled, but now it has been unveiled that the premed tutor is actually a secret witch.

But, what does Jo being a witch mean to the residents of Mystic Falls (well, nearby Mystic Falls if you want to quibble!)?

I've racked my brain so you don't have to, so chow down on my handy, digestible guide about the possible ramifications of Jo's witchy identity and make your own mind up about her.

Could Elena's Memories Be Lost Forever?

Alaric might be rejoicing to be human again, but his transformation will have serious ramifications for Elena and her erased memory. Namely, that she won't be able to get them back.

Whether Jo knew what she was doing is anyone's guess, but things rarely happen by chance in The Vampire Diaries...


How Much Does She Know About Mystic Falls?

Jo's true identity totally reinvents the way that we have been thinking about her character. Instead of an unsuspecting human who happened to get a job at a college close to a supernatural hotspot, she now seems a lot more calculated in her choices.

Jo obviously had a reason to move to the area, and it might just have something to do with the Traveler spell that is blocking magical beings from entering Mystic Falls.

If she is indeed Kai's sister, then Jo could be in the area to make sure nobody breaks the spell.

If Kai manages to break out of his own personal hell, the curse on magic over Mystic Falls will be another barrier to him escaping... especially if he doesn't know about it.


More Proof Jo is Kai's Sister?

Of course, Jo being a witch is more proof that Jo could indeed be Kai's surviving sister.

The question is, what side will Jo be on. Obviously, It's easy to jump to conclusions that she must be out for revenge after Kai's awful crimes, but she could also be in cahoots with him.

Jo might seem nice but she is clearly quite a driven person and maybe she seeks to team up with Kai to gain power. This could also be a reason she is lurking around Mystic Falls.


Do you think Jo will shape up to be good or evil?

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