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I imagine that for many writers/directors it would be quite hard to top a debut effort that saw Nazis building an army on the moon and then invading the US. But then again, most writers/directors aren't as off-the-wall awesome as the guys responsible for the brilliantly madcap Iron Sky.

Their solution for upping the ante for the Iron Sky sequel? Getting a reanimated Adolf Hitler to ride a Tyrannosaurus Rex, obviously.

The first teaser for Iron Sky: The Coming Race has hit the internet and it's as gloriously ridiculous as you'd hoped.

It all kicks off with a "you ain't seen nothing yet"-style warning:

Before taking us to the heart of the White House and a familiar-looking President...

The nuclear armageddon that erupted at the end of Iron Sky plays out before us, and Washington DC turns to dust and nightmares.

But the arctic holds many secrets...

Like an underground world, called the "Hollow Earth."

And then a reanimated Hitler turns up riding on the back of a T-Rex like it ain't even a thing.

The President makes an inside joke about Hitler's new pet (she's calls it Blondi, you can work out the rest).

Before Undead Adolf bids auf Wiedersehen.

And his T-Rex companion finally answers once and for all the question of what it uses its little arms for.

The producers of Iron Sky: The Coming Race have started a crowdfunding campaign to get the project off the ground and are looking to raise $10 million over the next 18 months to make the movie.

If you are unsure whether this is a good investment, let me remind you once more of its USP: It will feature Adolf Hitler riding a motherfucking T-Rex!


Will you be investing in Iron Sky 2?


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