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Fans do not have long to wait now before they can see a Jurassic World trailer, it is expected to come out with The Hobbit 3, which will be in cinemas around Christmas.

And, as might be expected, ahead of the new trailer the rumors around Jurassic World are now reaching a fever pitch - especially now that new pictures, and another trailer description have been leaked online.

So, let's run through the rumors, and see what fans of Jurassic World, also known as Jurassic Park 4, can expect:

The Diabolus Rex

The Diabolus Rex: unnatural threat
The Diabolus Rex: unnatural threat

This was already confirmed by Colin Trevorrow, but the trailer description highlights the "man-made" dinosaur, which is thought to be the main cause of the chaos that will hit the island of Isla Nublar.

Created by scientists at the behest of Jurassic World's corporate owners, the Diabolus Rex is an unnatural mixture of the DNA of a snake, a cuttlefish, a velociraptor and a T-Rex. Apparently, Chris Pratt speaks about it being against nature in the trailer. There was also this image which is reportedly from the trailer - is this the bloody mouth of the Diabolus Rex?

Leaked image of the D-Rex?
Leaked image of the D-Rex?

Tame Dinosaurs: Can Chris Pratt Command Velociraptors?

One debate about [Jurassic World](movie:32752) which has rumbled on and on concerns whether or not this movie will feature "tame" dinosaurs, or "good" and "bad" dinosaurs.

Colin Trevorrow, the movie's director, explicitly rejected the latter claim, saying that the movie was more about man's relationship with nature:

There’s no such thing as good or bad dinosaurs. There are predators and prey. The T-Rex in Jurassic Park took human lives, and saved them. No one interpreted her as good or bad. This film is about our relationship with animals, how we react to the threat they pose to our dominance on earth as a species.

This however, is somewhat in contrast to what we are hearing from the two trailer descriptions that have been leaked so far.

Can Chris Pratt command Velociraptors?
Can Chris Pratt command Velociraptors?

In both of these, one of the opening images is of a Great White Shark being lowered into a a lagoon, and a water dinosaur of some kind leaping from the sea to eat it.

The second trailer description goes even further than this. Here, there is apparently a shot of Chris Pratt - who we know to play a scientist studying Velociraptor behaviour - giving a signal to one of those creatures, telling it to attack.

Now, it could be argued this still does not mean that the dinosaurs are divided into "good" and "bad" but it would indicate that we will see some Dinosaur working alongside humans and "nature" and against the unnatural threat of the Diabolus Rex.

So what do you think? Would you be happy to see Chris Pratt command dinosaurs? Are you looking forward to seeing the Diabolus Rex? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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