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It was quite funny to hear the people at my cinema's reaction to the fact that Big Hero 6 is a Marvel franchise.. quite funny...

Right now is a good time for a comic book fan to be alive, with the upcoming film releases from both Marvel and DC, plus now we can get Marvel movies in the form of Disney animated films, oh yeah this is the good life.

Big Hero 6 is the story of Hiro Hamada and his inflatable companion Baymax, who sets on an adventure that will bring the two of them and their "Nerd" friends to the path of becoming the superhero team of San Fransokyo.

The movie maybe titled Big Hero 6, but the very core of this film is Hiro and Baymax. Individually, they are likable characters, but together they're just so lovable you don't wanna let go of these two, especially Baymanx, everybody needs a hug from Baymax, The rest might fall on the background, but make no mistake they're still some really good side characters.

The animation is easily beautiful. Especially San Fransokyo, I would move to that place if I can, and if that place existed. It's a combination of the best things from San Francisco and Tokyo, I'll leave the rest to your imagination. The amazing CG animation did help a lot to bring more flavors to an already roller coaster ride that is the big sequences, especially the action scenes.

The movie seemed to borrow a lot of elements from previous blockbuster films, Familiar concepts, but new faces and believe me they still work. The action's fun and exciting and it plays the strings of your heart when it wants to.

Even if some concepts are familiar, even if didn't reach the epic-ness of previous Disney efforts, Big Hero 6 is still entertaining, amusing and one of the most beautiful animated films of 2014. It's a refreshing tale that has nothing to prove to the others, it is its own masterpiece.


Which is your favorite Marvel movie of 2014?

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