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I, like many, have grown up with the Toy Story films. I love each one in a different way. It's very rare that you receive a Trilogy with 3 movies that everyone likes. I know people who didn't care for Toy Story 3 as much as the previous two, but they still liked it a lot.

The Trilogy showed Andy grow up with his toys and how the toys in turn deal with his age and with that personality change.

Instead of taking his toys with him to college (where they would probably just end up getting destroyed) he decides to give them to a little girl down the street named Bonnie.

And yes, EVEN Woody is let go of so that Bonnie might have the same experiences that Andy had once had.

While it's sad indeed to see Andy part ways with these toys which we've come to love and understand, we at least know that they served him well and will continue to serve Bonnie well through all the years to come. This is how it's supposed to be. Woody, Buzz, Rex, Ham, the Potato Heads, Slinky, Jesse and Bullseye have done their job serving Andy's hunger for fun and imagination throughout his childhood.

This is the process toys go through with a child. It's been presented with care and now as Andy drives off to college we can sit back and feel full filled.

But now they want to make a Toy Story 4?!

What did they just say?
What did they just say?

Toy Story 4 is Official


This reminds me of another great Trilogy..well it once was. Indiana Jones.

We had 3 successful Indiana Jones films and even Spielberg himself said he knew they should have just walked away after the last one. But nope. Instead a 4th was made. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While it's an alright movie, many feel that it is worlds apart from the previous three which hold superior in every way.

All I can say is that Pixar better know what they're doing and the script and story line better scream perfection. Otherwise it's a huge mistake and Pixar needs to leave it alone.


Should Toy Story 4 happen?


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