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Around 2 or 3 years ago this movie was announced and that world recognized Christopher Nolan alongside his brother Jonathan Nolan would be taking the helm in to this secretive yet galactic-sized movie that ticks all the boxes in terms of movies.

The plot of this movie is quite intricate and complex, but when you condense it down to its core its quite simple. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is an ex-space pilot who is called in a time of need when the world is going through an extremely pessimistic famine. He is required to find another planet that is habitable for man-kind while keeping hope for his family back on earth

First and foremost, I don't think any other director in the world could pull this movie off the same way Nolan did. He is an incredible practical director that never rely's on green screen. The visuals and scenery is as expected, beautiful. Space is presented in such a magnificent way that leaves you slightly open-mouthed at the absolute glory Nolan has created. It looks as if you are truly there alongside Matthew McConaughey. Nolan's quality is also justified by how beautiful he makes a dreary, famine-stricken earth look. He shots are done with incredible use of camera yet no over-use of lens-flare.

The cast is a match made in heaven. The ensemble combine drama, action and surprisingly humor all together to form an emotional masterpiece. Matthew McConaughey is a real Oscar contender with this stand-out performance with Anne Hathaway also showing her wonderful capabilities also. The supporting cast are all so good that it doesn't justify them being called "supporting". The wonderful Michael Caine is great as well as Jessica Chastain who has made a name for self in recent years with this film cementing her skills as an actress. One actor that may not get as much praise as the rest is David Gyasi who is exceptional in this movie and serves as a very likable supporting actor.

The score has been composed by long-serving, living legend, Hans Zimmer who has worked numerous times with Chris Nolan. The score ranges from heart-pulsing to incredibly delicate to numbing silence that is perfect in each scenario. You can see Nolan and Zimmer were on the same page with this movie as each chord that is struck has its own importance contributing to each scene. Like a lot of movies lately, I love the use of silence in this movie. Much like Godzilla earlier this year I think it worked tremendously.

It's hard to say very much about the movie without giving away terrific parts of the movie. What I can say, is that this movies strongest attribute is the acting and the visuals. There may be some people who aren't open-minded enough to accept the logic in this movie, but as a neutral person I have to say a lot of the science is the movie is quite believable. As for the parts that aren't, its called science fiction for a reason! So shun the cynics as this indeed far-fetched movie is a sci-fi for those with imagination.

Another great thing about this movie is that it is for a huge audience. Movie critics will love it as will the casual movie-goer. Whether you want to indulge the genius on your own or go on a casual date, this movie can cater most audiences. Apart from children. The story and dialogue may be too complex for young audiences (13 and below) as even at some points I was a bit confused but I expected that going in to a Christopher Nolan movie.

Above all this sci-fi epic is one that will not be forgotten any time soon. With lasting and memorable performances compiled with beautiful quotes, this movie is one to be cherished and someday I'm sure will be iconic. Nolan invites us in to his mind of genius, style and ambition that captures film-making to its absolute core and for that I thank him for an experience that can only be truly felt as a cinematic experience. Interstellar's international release is the 7th of November, so be sure to see it.

+ Great Visuals

+ Incredible Acting

+ Fantastic Production

- Sometimes Confusing

Overall: 9.1


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