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Apparently Mark Wahlberg has agreed to sign on to a big-screen remake of the beloved late 1970's sci-fi TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man. According to reports, the title will be updated due to inflation to be, The Six Billion Dollar Man. Simply because a million can't get you what is used to. The Weinstein Co. is producing the film and they are hoping that it will make a billion dollars at the box office. However in the Age of Ultron, the new benchmark is a Two Billion Dollar Movie. And the reality is this feature adaption looks to be the $250 Million Dollar Movie. It's all very complicated.

The movie will update the show made famous by Lee Majors. The Six Million Dollar Man was about an astronaut, Steve Austin, who crashes a plane and receives cybernetic replacements for his eye, legs, and arm, from the government. In exchange, he offers his services as a secret agent and went on the craziest adventures 1970's TV could afford.

Here, let William Shatner help explain...

The series is probably most fondly remembered for its trademark sound effect when his powers activated and for the slow motion effects when he ran. Make no mistake. This wasn't like X-Men: Days of Future Past or The Flash where everything is moving slow around the character, who should be moving at a faster speed. No, everyone and everything moved in slow motion. So it never really made sense how he caught up to anybody. It was an iconic show that spawned a spin-off also. The Bionic Woman was a huge hit as well, with series lead Lindsey Wagner collecting an Emmy for her performance. So it makes sense to reintroduce the property to a younger generation, whose dad or grandfather remembers it fondly.

Berg and Wahlberg (Photo : Fredrick M Brown/Getty)
Berg and Wahlberg (Photo : Fredrick M Brown/Getty)

Peter Berg will be directing the Wahlberg led movie. They are in the process of hiring a screenwriter, so it would seem that a release date is a little ways away. With Berg at the helm, it is a little difficult to predict if it will be a straight forward superhero/spy movie or if he will go a little more lighthearted and comedic. He could shoot it with a little bit of grit like he did with Lone Survivor, or go more tongue-in-cheek like he has in films, such as Hancock. Once a screenwriter is officially brought on board this should be a little more clear.

Check out Berg's latest offering for the new Call of Duty game. If we get some of this flavor, it should be a fun time.

The Billion Dollar Man doesn't have a firm release date, but expect to see it in theaters in 2016.

So does this movie sound like a good idea? Is Wahlberg the right man for the role? Let us know on the comment boards!

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