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Welcome back to the second installment of this series! Where I tell you all about the video games I love! Number two: Borderlands!

To be clear, I am speaking of the first installment of the Borderlands franchise; my favorite game until Journey came along. Some of you may be looking quizzically at your screen, wondering why I would proclaim THIS edition to be my favorite. I mean, Borderlands 2 was critically acclaimed better than the first! This is true. I played Borderlands 2, and I'm still partial to the first. Let me explain!


There is A LOT of it in Borderlands. They pride themselves on it, actually. There is an endgame boss whose defeat results in a geyser of rainbow colored loot (don’t worry, I have pictures). Gun wise, I really like that there were different manufacturers that made distinctly different guns. Maliwan (my favorite) has special elemental effects coupled to their guns. The Combustion Hellfire (MY FAV GUN EVARRR) shoots bullets of fire. Mobs explode into fire. It's awesome. Explosion and poison are also effective damage-wise. Electricity has a cool effect, but only really applies to shielded enemies. All in all, the guns are great. Along with guns, grenade mods, class mods and shields can be found by opening chests, killing enemies and using vending machines. The skill tree I chose for my character paired very nicely with the class mods that I found, resulting in an SMG wielding, fire breathing, cloak enabled death machine.

It's so...beautiful...(Source:
It's so...beautiful...(Source:

Borderlands’ characters have a LOT of character!

You can't beat the original four vault hunters. My favorite was the siren, Lilith. Her action skill, which allows her to basically become invisible and move incredibly fast, was incredibly helpful to me and my team. Also, her SMG skill tree was.the.tits. I played all four of the original vault hunters, and nothing felt as good as reducing a bandit to ashes with my combustion hellfire. Although I must admit Mordecai’s (hunter class) revolver skill tree was ridiculously effective, especially when paired with pestilent defilers. He also has a pet bloodwing.

Not only do we have awesome playable characters in Borderlands, we also have AMAZING NPC's. Scooter is my ABSOLUTE favorite of the bunch. He has some of the FUNNIEST lines in this entire game. The NPC's had so much personality, and that gets me excited and emotionally attached to a game. Also, Claptrap. Who doesn't love an oblivious dancing robot? I’ve found that the answer to that question is actually a lot of people, but not this girl.

"This is where the cars live! Getchu one!"
"This is where the cars live! Getchu one!"

Some other notable characters in the game were found in the DLCs. A straw hat wearing were-skag? YUP. A disgruntled general with an infant for a subordinate? CHECK. A strong, independent (KICK ASS) woman who don't need no man? THERE. AN EPIC BOSS WHOSE DEFEAT ENDS IN A THUNDERSTORM MONSOON OF LOOT?!?! *dies*

The ability to play split-screen couch co-op was wonderful.

Last, but most certainly not least, split-screen co-op made Borderlands an experience that I shared with a very special someone. I played the entire game with my husband, and that is something that I am all too sure enhanced my enjoyment of the game. I loved fighting bosses together, going over loot together, trading and altogether exploring Pandora with my hubby. We found some really creative ways to tackle some hard quests. (It's important to note here that I played the sequel alone, which might account as to why I did not enjoy it as much as the first.)

For all these reasons, Borderlands remains one of my most beloved gaming experiences.

Do you agree? Do you think the sequel blew it out of the water? TELL ME WHY! You probably won't change my mind, but it's the internet. Let's argue about things that don't matter ;)


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