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The Arrow Facebook page released a new 80 second promo for upcoming episodes this morning, though it must be said that it only includes footage from this week's Episode 5, next week's Episode 6, Guilty, and Episode 7, Draw Back Your Bow. Stephen Amell commented:

FYI -- this preview does not include footage from episode 8 or 9, which I think are the two best episodes the show has ever produced.

Namely The Brave and the Bold, better known as the hugely anticipated Arrow/Flash crossover, and the midseries finale (that really needs to be further away, I can't go more than a month without Arrow AND Flash!), The Climb. Let's have a look at this trailer, and then I'll kind of break it down (a little).

Ted Grant has already been Wildcat?

Or at least, he's already been a vigilante. As he says in the trailer, presumably to Laurel- "I used to be a vigilante: I used to be you." Perhaps we'll see some flashbacks to Grant's vigilante days, where he may well be donning a similar costume to the above. That room featuring newspaper clippings about a vigilante and the knuckledusters all hints at Wildcat- and there's his mask.

Laurel's training to be Black Canary

Teased since season one, Laurel has finally entered the ring with the vigilantes and is developing a genuinely interesting story arc (last season's lapsed a bit, though I do feel that was partly deliberate). Sticking to the comics, Laurel will be trained by Wildcat/Ted Grant, but it won't be an overnight thing- it may be a few seasons until we see Laurel with the prowess close to what the other vigilantes have, and for now it looks like we're seeing the turbulent road to becoming one.


We've known for a while Cupid would pop up in Season 3, as Green Arrow's crazed, psychotic love interest- basically every celebrities' worst nightmares of what a fangirl could become. She'll be played by Amy Gumenick, and at this point, the character looks oddly very close to her comic counterpart. That room is very nearly a replica of one appearing in an issue featuring Cupid - though really this should be little surprise, given Andrew Kreisberg, producer of both Arrow and Flash, created the character.

Captain Boomerang

" always comes back."
" always comes back."

Usually a Flash villain, we learned a while back Captain Boomerang would be appearing in season three, maybe as a villain for the Arrow/Flash crossover so that he would later appear on the Flash. In a way, this villain suits the aesthetic of Arrow, and he does become a prominent member of the Suicide Squad.

I have to say, I like the coat/glove design (although we're yet to see the rest of the costume), as that much seems very reminiscent of his comic costume. The boomerang's look is also dead on. And, on the topic of his voice, I am incredibly relieved they seem to have taken an alternate route with Nick E. Tarabay, a Lebanese-American actor, because hearing fake Australian accents (as an Australian) on TV hurts me when not done well. In my soul. Not to say he couldn't do one, but this does buy me a lot of relief.


We've only very briefly met Tatsu Yamashiro in the flashbacks- most of the emphasis has been on her husband Maseo. But from the looks of things, Tatsu certainly knows how to handle herself, and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw her don the Katana moniker in flashbacks, or indeed in the present day, very soon.

There's more in the trailer of course: Felicity is indeed kissing Ray Palmer, too, and we saw a bit more footage from next week's Guilty. For speculation on who killed Sara, see here; and for all the trailers for next week, see here.

On another note, something was uploaded literally while I wrote this: the Flash is now running up buildings. Awesome? Yes.


Will you be tuning in for the next episodes of Arrow and the Flash?


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