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If you feel like literally losing your mind, watch this video. It's called "Too Many Cooks" and it aired for a week straight at 4am at the end of October on Adult Swim. Before going into further detail about the video, I wanted to provide the link so you can watch it for yourself and come to your own conclusions about how insane it is. Because I'll be damned if I can fully explain what you are about to watch.

I'll just let you know, there was already a reddit AMA by the creator, Casper Kelly. Check my breakdown after you watch below.

So, assuming you watched the full 11 minute video, you now know why I tried to let you watch without explaining any of what happens. The element of surprise and the twists and turns of the "narrative" are shocking. I mean it starts out pleasantly enough...

By this point in the video, you're feelin' pretty jazzed. You haven't yet gone stir-crazy after hearing the "Too Many Cooks" jingle one too many times. Everything seems OK, this is just a cute little video about a 1980's kind of sitcom type deal. A spoof of sorts. Seems fun!

OK, now I get it. It's just a show that never begins. Nothing too wild going on here. I can get with this. Funny idea!

Now, this should have tipped me off. This should've been the first sign that something crazy was going to happen. Semi-nudity in this previously family-friendly sketch. Meh, but this is fine... just a little side-boob. So I kept watching...

OK, they're getting goofy with it. Cast a man named Matthew Kody Foster as "Coat". Very funny, ha ha! (Meanwhile I'm starting to lose my grip as the song permanently implants itself in my brain).

Wait, now it's animated?

Let's move forward a bit...

The violence begins...

Yep, this woman is being drowned. A serial killer of some kind is on the loose. He's running rampant throughout the entirety of this sketch, killing people off one by one using different methods every time. Part of me is interested, part of me is scared, and the rest of me is just in complete awe by this point.

Next, we have Katie Adkins (one of the Cooks, I presume) running away from the murderer-guy. As she runs, her name moves with her...

Annnnnnd, she gets killed.

More gruesome murder stuff.

Next, we have an intense cannibalism scene, where that murderer from before is now seen feasting on the dead people he killed and then, ironically enough, COOKED.

Of course, the next logical thing is for a cat with lasers for eyes to shoot those lasers at the serial killer causing him to explode. Duh!

OK, guys. We're in space now! At this point, I'm ready for any type of curveball that gets thrown at me. I feel like I've truly seen it all.

So, these doctors are taking care of a man who has the "Too Many Cooks" disease... or something. And he basically infects the doctor who then has to be a part of the show, I guess. That's probably the best way to try to explain this part. I think.

More insanity happens. The names become people and the people become names. For some reason the people who become names are screaming...

This cat saves the day, finally aborting this video/song.

And then we get the final photo of almost all of the Cooks. But, if you notice, the dad's face has actually been replaced by the murderer's face. Yikes!


After watching this, I feel like I now know what it's like to be criminally insane. Although, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.


How crazy did watching this video make you?


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