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I don't usually write movie reviews however when I was invited to a pre-screening of Disney's new BIG HERO 6 I couldn't refuse.

As one could surmise from my video content I am a big movie fan. Even though my focus is on cars and movie cars I will see any movie that seems like a good time. Animated movies hold a special place in my heart. They bring me back to a level of simplicity that most don't get to enjoy in day to day life anymore. The assumption when going into an animated movie is that it will tailored for kids. You think it'll be quite vanilla and pedestrian in it's humor, action and drama. Big Hero 6 is not a cartoon movie to be lumped in with the multitude of CG films we force ourselves to see to appease the needs of our dependents.

I like to see a movie without having done any research on it whatsoever. Going into a film completely fresh with no preconceptions or expectation is the only way to truly enjoy a film from an objective point of view and come up with a real opinion. The only thing I knew about this movie when I walked up to the theater is that it was animated and it was Marvel. So naturally, this ought to be good. The only contemporary film I've seen from Disney animation was Wreck it Ralph, and being a die hard video game fan I had high expectations. They knocked it out of the park, just as they did with BIG HERO 6.

This movie is exactly that, it's a movie. It's not just a cartoon with a constructive character building story for kids. It has adult drama, adult situations and humor that really I could relate to. On many occasions I found myself laughing the loudest in the theater. This movie will make you cry for the characters just as much as you laugh at the outrageous jokes. It's a movie in only the way Marvel could deliver. Given their massive success with the Avengers series it's no surprise they knew exactly how to take it to the animated world.

The beginning, in truth, drags a bit while they try to invest you in the personal lives of the characters. It was tedious and at times a bit contrived but once you're over that ugly hump you're on board 100% for the ride. Watching a fat white Baymax try to squeeze himself into what looks like Iron Man's suit is absolutely ludicrous but once you see what he can do with it... well, it turns out that a big white bag of air can be one of most badass superheroes around and still maintain his heart warming MO of being a supportive and altruistic friend. When Hiro locks onto the back of his Brother's creation and goes out to fight I found myself with a tinge of jealousy that I may never be able to experience something as fun as that. Until the day battle-suits like this exist I'll have to satisfy myself with driving the cars of the stars on the road and not in the sky.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! It's not just for kids and parents, it's for everyone. It's as much a movie like any other rather than an "animated Disney" movie.

Catch Big Hero 6 in theaters starting on November 7th!


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