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A few weeks back, I posted a video compilation of the interviews that I had with the cast and creators of Disney's latest film, [Big Hero 6](movie:425271). The film hit US theaters today, so to celebrate, we've decided to release the interviews in full! I had a wonderful time picking the brains of this genius cast, and also spoke with the producers, Don Hall and Chris Williams, about what made the film so special. Check them out below - and make sure to heed T.J. Miller's wise advice!

Producers Don Hall and Chris Williams on Inspiration and Diversity

Jamie Chung Loves Psylocke, and Genesis Rodriguez Used to Build Battle Bots

T.J. Miller "Pilots" the Interview and Damon Wayans Jr. has an Awesome Super Suit Idea

... and Ryan Potter REALLY Loves Food!

All in all, the cast and crew are made up of super geeky, passionate people like us, which is a huge relief when you take into account that this is a superhero movie.

BONUS: My Interview with Baymax!

Big Hero 6 is in theaters now! Let me know what you think of it in the comments - but keep it spoiler-free, alright?


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