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“Lake Runs Red” is a proudly independent feature film, produced exclusively in Minnesota. This highly anticipated horror experience is scheduled for an October 2015 release. Examining the themes of rejection, family, friendship, and choices,” Lake Runs Red” triumphantly presents a new brand of hardcore horror entertainment for the home-invasion thriller genre, uniquely blending contemporary noir, practical horror effects, blood thirsty ultraviolence, and torture-pornographic influences.

Directed by Jason Riesgraf, written by J. Dan Moores & Jason Riesgraf, and produced by Mike Ascher, Jeff Fuller, J. Dan Moores, Jason Riesgraf, and Stephanie Riesgraf, “Lake Runs Red” stars Kaci Wegleitner, Lauren Morris, CJ DeVaan, Michael Hertenstein, and Helene Donohue.

Synopsis: Two gorgeous female college coeds go to their parent's secluded northern Minnesota lake cabin to study for finals. An unexpected visitor stops by. He isn't there to study.

The last few weeks have been a busy time for the team behind the upcoming indie horror film Lake Runs Red, and they have a lot to show for it and decided that they would share that with everybody.

First off the poster is released (see above) and its a good one, subtle and creepy, what else can you ask for!

The official website has also been rolled out so be sure to check out The site looks great and offers tons of info about all the aspects of the film.

Production is set to officially end on November 11th and the film will move into post. In the run up to the end date, the production team will be posting special wrap photos of all cast and crew. These photos will serve as a tribute to the horror content of the film by portraying each team member as “dead.” Each cast and crew member underwent professional makeup treatments for the photographs courtesy of the key makeup artist, Katie Triplett. Wrap photos will be released once a day on the Lake Runs Red social media channels starting November 2nd to November 10th. In a quote from Jeff Fuller, executive producer.

“As we get to the finish line, we’re doing something fun with wrap photos on our social media. In celebration of our horror roots, we’ll be publishing a wrap photo for each cast and crew member dressed in full horror/death makeup. On set, we jokingly called them “dead hooker photos.” Our awesome makeup artist Katie has done a remarkable job on the applications. It’s a really unique way to say goodbye and thank you to our amazing cast and crew,” said Jeff Fuller, executive producer.

The first teaser video has even been released.

So make sure you check out the movie and look for more updates. But before you leave check out some production stills.

Lake Runs Red Coming October 2015


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