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It's not all that common to find an actor in a comic book movie who is also, genuinely, a long-time comic book fan. With the popularity of comic book adaptations, "which superhero would you like to play" has become a common interview question, and while some actors express enthusiasm for becoming involved in the genre (like Jessica Chastain) others show a complete lack of awareness even when they are already in the Marvel-verse. Sorry Karen Gillan, but "is there a female Spider Man" just isn't the ideal response.

Jamie Chung, on the other hand, is not only starring as GoGo Tomago in the latest superhero flick ([Big Hero 6](movie:425271)) but is keen to do more in the realm of the comic book movie, and even knows who she would love to play.

According to recent interviews with Comic Book Resources, Jamie's roles weren't her introduction to the medium, in fact, she has apparently been looking up to Marvel superheroines for a long time.

As a kid, Marvel Comics was the only thing that I collected with my sister. We loved it so much that we -- in terms of taking care of the comic books, we never wanted to read them, we just kept them in their plastic sleeves. If we wanted to read one special one... Remember when Superman died, they sold -- well, that's DC, I know! -- but in terms of comic books, whenever they were sealed from the manufacturer, we would buy two, one to read and one to keep in the sleeve.

It makes me think that this may be part of the reason that Jamie embodies these roles so well, that she grew up feeling that this was something attainable for women.

Gender roles are always a hot topic, but Jamie is not afraid to discuss them, or take on the hot button topic of "feminism" (ah, the dreaded f-word).

I think there's a huge feminist movement, and I think it's being reintroduced into the younger generation as to what it means, and that it's not putting down men. It's just literally being equals, and it goes both ways. If you want to be sensitive and talk about your feelings -- little boys, they're not being wusses. They're not being called names and that they should be able to express as much as girls do. And girls can be as tough as the boys and not be called tomboys or lesbians. The thing about this is it's not so much about playing a very girly role. I feel like I've been able to play very strong female characters without being categorized as one or another, and I think that's important to do, because you're furthering the separation between the sexes if you're doing that.

She is known for her "strong female characters" there is no doubt about that. From movie roles such as Miho in [Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374), Amber in Sucker Punch, to her part in a TV show as Mulan in Once Upon a Time, Chung has never been short of action roles, and there is at least one more that she would like to take on. Psylocke.

Ultimately I thought the coolest character was Psylocke. I really wanted to be Psylocke. Hopefully they'll bring her into something. But I think the fans -- I kind of put it out in the universe, and the fans, some are like, "Oh my God, that would be amazing." And the other fans are like, "No, that's so wrong casting. She needs to be British. She needs to be this and that!" And so I just put it out there for fun.

As Psylocke is definitely on my top-ten list for comic book heroes, it's someone that I would love to see appear in the current X-men franchise. (I refuse to accept her "role" in Last Stand. Without the psi-blades, that was just a random purple-haired mutant.) And as far as I'm concerned, Jamie Chung would make a great casting choice - she's proven her abilities as an action-hero, and she clearly knows the character.

Obviously, just because a celebrity mentions wanting a role, it doesn't mean that they will get it, but wouldn't it be cool? FOX, are you listening?


Do you think that Jamie Chung should play Psylocke?


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