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Recently there has been a rumor of the Joker to make an appearance in the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) movie that's supposed to hit theaters in August of 2016. And the actor rumored for the role is Jared Leto, another unique casting choice from DC's side of the spectrum. Now while I don't mind the rumored casting choice, being I'm confident in DC's plan to take over the superhero movie-verse. I still thought hard about whether or not it was to soon for another cinematic Joker, and I've come to a conclusion..

The Joker is possible, and here's why..

First I should go to say, Heath Ledgers Joker changed my view on superheroes and villains forever. Before, being young I always thought the superhero was always superior and more interesting as a character than villains. Then I saw the Dark Knight, and my perspective on heroes and villains changed forever. Because of the Joker, the Dark Knight went from being just a gritty Batman flick, to one of the greatest superhero movies ever. I left the theater wondering why I was only thinking about the villains part in the movie and not the heroes for the first time.

But that was the power of Heath Ledgers portrayal of the character, and it took me some time to figure if I really wanted another Joker yet or not. But I know now that a cinematic DC universe won't exactly be complete without the character.

Take marvel for instance, as awesome as their films are, and as awesome as they're gonna be, we all know it won't be 100% complete without Spider-man. And the same goes for the Joker, of all the new films DC plans on releasing these next several years, it will not be full circle unless it has the Joker in it.

I also don't think Heath Ledger will be the last great Joker. I'm sure back in 89 people thought Nicholson's Joker was the best there would be, and so may be the case for Heath's Joker as well. Maybe Jared Leto will be the next best Joker to hit the big screen.

Also, the character isn't one that should be held back from showing off his full awesomeness because of our own loyalty to the Dark Knights Joker. If anything, because of how incredibly awesome the Joker was in the Dark Knight, we should be eager to see another onscreen portrayal of the character!

Putting all of that into perspective, I think the Joker being put into the DC movie-verse this early is a good thing. We'll always have the Dark Knights Joker to watch when we feel like it, but it's time to move on..


Do YOU Think The Joker Is Due For Another Onscreen Appearance?


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