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Big Hero 6 is from Walt Disney Animation and is loosely based on the Marvel comic team of the same name. It takes place in the fictional city of San Fransokyo (a cross between San Francisco and Tokyo) and follows a boy named Hiro Hamada who wants to go into robot fighting. However his brother Tadashi convinces Hiro to join him and his friends at their college which they call “Nerd School”. Hiro creates some microbots at a science fair that pretty much gives him guaranteed admission to the college. However an accident happens to his brother and it leaves Hiro depressed. However Tadashi left Hiro the medical robot called Baymax that he was working on at college. One day they come across a villain who has gotten his hands on the microbot technology and it’s up to Hiro, Baymax, and Tadashi’s friends to stop him from as they form the superhero team known as Big Hero 6.

While I thought that last year’s effort from Walt Disney Animation, Frozen, was definitely a really good animated movie, it also wasn’t something that really appealed to my demographic. Big Hero 6 is that movie that seems more appealing to me. It’s a mix of Pixar’s The Incredibles and The Avengers. It is like The Incredibles for being animated superhero movie and The Avengers for a few plot elements that I won’t get into for spoiler sake and it’s like both movies because it’s a great movie.


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