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I had the privilege of checking out Christopher Nolan's new movie "Interstellar". The world renowned director of the "The Dark Knight" Trilogy had decided back in 2012 that he wanted to undertow the journey of Space Exploration somewhat like the old movies such as "2001 A Space Odyssey", leaving behind a whole Gold Mind and Superhero Franchise to do so!

Well Mr. Nolan I will say this, I commend you for proving your decision was well worth its weight in gold through this project "Interstellar"! This movie was just jaw-dropping, thought provoking, and excellently well acted by every person that was involved in this movie... There were times I felt like this was a real documentary or historic event that was actually happening because I was immersed into this world in such as way. There was times I felt true fillings of regret or anxiety for the character Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey) in his journey through time and space to try to save the ones that he held dear, his CHILDREN... The visual effects were nothing short of perfect, with having knowledge that each set piece was actually created, like the ships, the equipment, and even the locations they went to were all real... Only the exploration and space elements were done in excellent applied CG. But at the core of this movie is the relationships and the heart value taken with Cooper and his children "Murph" (Jessica Chastain) & "Tom" (Casey Affleck)... This a movie you will best enjoy through an IMAX experience though, you will literally feel the rumbles of the ship or even the vertigo of zero-gravity in space travel, or even the emotions that are so high and can be plainly shown on such a wide screen!

Me and my friend Joe just plain loved the journey that were taken on! We really were at a loss for words and could not praise this movie enough, and thought provoking theories of space travel, dimensions possibilities, and a look into our present versus are future. Is this where we as humans are headed and have we truly given up are desire to explore and live? We really hope you'll check out our full review on this epic movie found on this page or on our YouTube Channel: Please leave any comments you want below and leave a like if you liked our review of this SCI-FI Epic brought from Christopher Nolan yet again! Thank you again Mr. Nolan for blowing are minds wide open to possibility and wonder...


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